Behind Paonea

It was way before I founded Paonea when I was regularly stocking up on skincare products from major mainstream retailers, trying one facial serum after another and often bought a new moisturiser before I even used my most recently bought one.

I was constantly on a hunt to purchase another great skincare product that promised to deliver the desired results and quite frankly, using 5 different types of facial oils is NOT going to make your skin glow.

Throughout my own journey, I have realised that less IS actually more and that by buying another ‘developed by scientist’ serum is not going to benefit my skin.

During the past years I have discovered and tested many independent clean beauty brands and that’s where the idea of my own beauty store sparked.

One online place where you can find the very best of clean beauty products, you can meet the founders (well virtually, because they are busy making your products!), learn about how their brands came to fruition and finally the best part – buy the actual products.

Our brands only produce limited amount of their products, in small batches and often focus on 2-3 products that have been formulated to perfection. It was clear to me that if I want to present an entire range of beauty products I need to create a whole portfolio of brands!

And that’s WHY I have created Paonea; a clean beauty online store where you can find anything ranging from natural deodorant sticks to salted caramel vegan lip balms and even some beauty gift ideas if you are unsure about what to get for your loved ones.

I have been incredibly lucky to make connections with number of independent beauty founders.

The quality of ingredients, their ethical making process and transparency are our main priority and I encourage you to do the same thing for your skin I did few years back – BUY WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN!

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