Aromatherapy for this century

Organic skincare and aromatherapy tools developed to fight the daily stressors of the 21st century for the mind, body and skin.

Meet the founder - Eve's story

It was my own personal experience of being a consumer for both natural skincare and aromatherapy products that led me to launching ede.

I first began formulating my own natural skincare products to cure my acne in my early 20s and I found a natural progression towards aromatherapy happened through self help in dealing with anxiety. Wellness and particularly self-care have always been at the forefront of my mind for many years.

I once bought an aromatherapy rollerball called the ‘Trauma’ blend to calm the nerves and ease anxiety and myself and my partner were laughing in case anyone ever asked me what scent I was wearing.

I felt like ede could bridge that gap of aromatherapy and the language we use to express our feelings and emotions in our modern day lives, something that felt more individual and personal to us and was less evasive than feelings of ‘trauma’.

‘With that ede became a skincare and wellness project with a mission to give aromatherapy an identity in the modern age.’

How we feel in our mind and body shows on our skin. 

We make plant-based skincare and aromatherapy tools to help us connect deeper to ourselves and our wellbeing through skincare, self care rituals and wellbeing tools.

We believe in only using the best ingredients in our products which is why the ede collection is 100% organic, natural, vegan and cruelty-free.

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