Clean beauty without compromise

OSTĒ is an independent beauty brand founded by Hana Pham with a great passion for clean beauty.

Meet the founder

Hana journey’s started back in 2015 when she was struggling to find beauty products that were both - natural and effective.

She then realised that so many brands may be ticking all the clean beauty boxes but are not always as effective as you would expect.

That’s where she decided that there is no need to compromise and you can get both - 100% natural and highly effective beauty care products.

 Three years later and OSTĒ was ready to launch with their debut products - coconut hair mask and hand cream.

The hero ingredient that breathes through all of the products is 100% bio virgin coconut oil sourced in Vietnam - a country which is very close to Hana’s heart.

Blended with a patented rice grain formula this award winning product line was highly successful straight away the initial launch and Hana started developing more unique products.

About them labels...

To truly fulfil the principles of clean beauty OSTĒ goes extra mile with their product labels. Each product not only has the standard Ingredients listing, they also break down every single ingredient and explain to consumers what is each element used for.

You may think that Tocopherol is some nasty chemical blend to make the hand cream smell lovely when in fact it is a leading skin antioxidant with Vitamin E - all naturally derived.

These special labels are there not only to educate us on previously unknown ingredients it also gives the brand a full transparency - clean beauty without compromise.

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